Can I ask a question?

I hope this is allowed, I dont wanna seem like I’m invading your space

I have been an atheist as long as I know (not here to judge, here to learn). However I am fully aware that i have no idea what’s going on when it really comes down it it.

I work in a call centre and had a really nice chat with a vicar the other day and he said he KNEW god was out there. Not believed or hoped or thought, he knew.

How do you know? My beliefs are more a kin to the idea of me not knowing, but just looking at the evidence there and saying “I think this is the case”. Obviously I know many people will do this and come to a religious conclusion but still acknowledge that they dont factually know, they just think that’s the most likely case. Same logic as me, just a different outcome, so I understand.

But this guy KNEW.

Does anyone else feel this way? That they categorically know without any wavering thought that the almighty is there? And if so what brought you to it?

EDIT – Thank you to everyone who responded, I will try to read them all. I am at work atm and didnt plan on this post gaining traction so I cant respond as quick as I would like to

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