Christ is the one who can unite us all

I have recently felt like this is a message that needs to be shared at this time.

As many of you know, this year has brought a lot of change (both for the better and for the worse), from the Australian Fires, to a global pandemic, to the Black Lives Movement. Many people feel a lot of hopelessness, and don’t know where to turn, which leads me to share with you this message.

We must unite in our faith at this time, and spread messages of both love and kindness. Our religion has brought people together from all corners of the world, and has united many. All I ask of you is to be kind, and give to others less fortunate than yourself right now, whether that be through giving to a food bank, donating old clothes to a charity shop or simply help at your local church. Spread the word that Jesus Christ is our saviour, and make a positive difference in this world!

May God bless you all, you wonderful souls 🙂

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