Christians confuse me

I’m a Christian and I acknowledge that I’m not perfect but honestly there are so many Christians that I’ve met that made me want to somehow change religions while still believing in Christ, just to dissociate myself. Like their beliefs are so extreme and I don’t know why or where it comes from. I start doubting myself for even having beliefs that can even slightly resemble those extreme positions. I’m not generalising or anything but well I don’t know how to properly articulate my thoughts on the subject without ranting forever. So I put my thoughts into a weird free rhyme thing. I’m not a writer so I’m not good at stuff like this but it helped me write out my thoughts without ranting.

I see believers today and I don’t mean to judge They talk about open mindedness but when it comes to themselves they never budge.

You can talk about wanting peace but action is louder than words, and from the countless stories that I’ve heard, they’ve driven more people away than Charles Darwin and his birds.

They think they can’t be criticised? Just because they’ve been circumcised? Raging for democracy, just talk about the hypocrisy. “Don’t bash my religion”? Sounds more like pointless superstition. Isn’t love supposed to be your life’s mission? Instead they ignore scientific claims, causing the world endless growing pains. Then they turn around and cite false sources as if it’s all the same.

How can you justify wife beating? Racism? Child abuse? That book that you’re quoting? That’s the book you most misuse. But what’s the use? There’s always some excuse, am I right right? The gaslighting and infighting, it’s frightening. And for what? So you can feel self-righteous and “enlightened”? Can’t you hear the people crying? Can’t you see the people dying?

The salt and the light of the earth, or so they say. But tell me, how many people have you actually helped today?

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