Frustrated by the church

I come from a very conservative community (even though my parents are pretty liberal) and it just frustrates me how close-minded and how judgemental we have become as Christians. We’re supposed to reflect God’s image of love, peace, kindness, and acceptance, but whenever it’s time to apply that message to a woman who had an abortion, or a person of the LGBT community, or an undocumented immigrant, all of a sudden it’s like Jesus’ teachings are invalid? Since when do we turn away brothers in blood, flesh, and faith, simply because they’re different or believe differently? How did a community which is supposed to love one another and support one another suddenly become a community where you only deserve love if you’re without flaw? How are we so stubborn as to ignore PROVEN SCIENCE about our creation and our evolution? How are we so willing to defend the oppressor but not the oppressed? Does that make us the oppressor? How are we so quick to find excuses to not help the poor and unfortunate? How are we so thick-headed that we are no longer willing to talk about injustice and our scripture? It just doesn’t make sense to me that a community (that follows a book of peace, love, acceptance, and kindness) as such as this is so toxic and judgemental. How would we treat Jesus if he came down today again? Would we call him a radical? Would we attempt to invalidate his arguments of love and peace using pathetic and petty political labels?

I just wanted to rant. I’m just so frustrated by the state of the world and how many Christians are sitting by and willingly watching it burn in flames for the sake of petty politics and loose scripture. Feel free to comment or say anything

P.S. I’m coptic (used to be Coptic Orthodox) but now I’m a Protestant. This rant is meant for both communities.

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