God talking to me through others?

Hi all first post so please correct me or direct me else where if my post isn’t welcome.

Today I had a man come up to me that I have never seen or met and he said God spoke to him and told him to come and pray for me and to remind me that Jesus loves me, and even spoke about some things that were happening in my private life that he couldn’t have known.

I am baptized and try to follow the faith but with COVID it has been difficult to attend church and I have had some serious problems arise in my life this year.

Now where I find it strange is that this is not the first time this has happened, and in fact I’d say it’s maybe the sixth time I can remember, and it has always been in different places and come from out of nowhere.

It has happened on social media when someone reached out to me before I was Christian, at 2 seperate parties, at a shopping center and once from a friend who now denies she ever said anything about God.

Each time the person I’ve spoken too has known things or told me things they couldn’t have known, and one person even foretold me some things that did end up happening.

It has always happened at extremely difficult times in my life exactly when I needed help.

I am interested if anyone has had something similar?

Is this God reaching out to me, because I don’t think it’s anyone trying to recruit because I’ve never been asked for anything in return.

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