I am a 25 year old virgin. I just have one question

Greetings brothers and sisters. As the title says, in three months from now, I will have reached my 25th year of life Lord willing.

In those 24-25 years, every female I have ever tried to court, including every Christian one, has rejected me for one reason or another. I am not deformed or entirely disagreeable, I have a decent job, live on my own, etc. Yet I am a kissless virgin.

I have come to a place of acceptance that the Lord might just want me to be celibate, and that’s ok with me spiritually, although my flesh constantly screams in protest, but that’s another topic.

My question is, if one day I do marry, I feel completely confused as to the purpose of my celibacy, why hypothetically, so many years of solitude? Sometimes I just can’t see the point or the idea anymore, especially if I do marry in the future, it just makes me all the more confused. I’ve prayed over and over about the reason for my singleness, but I don’t get a response these days.

Any believers would like to weigh in?

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