i am in despair. i feel like i am in the absolute deepest pit of despair.

i was a fool to believe 2020 would be a good year. in fact, it may be the last year i get to exist on planet earth.

i can’t help it, i’m 90% the rapture will happen next year. i have seen at least 2 predictions that it will happen then online. can’t argue with em, because of everything bad that’s happened this year. we have swine flu returning along with covid, for pete’s sake.

so there’s no point in hope or doing anything since the world is gonna end soon. no use in making plans or daydreaming about the future for me. no more wanting to create things, because there won’t be any time to finish them, or anybody to see them.

i won’t live to see my 18th birthday. i was born too late.

i honestly just want to curl up in a ball and rot. help.

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