I need help

I pray to God everyday, very often and in the morning, I pray at least one hour I think and I am not saying that I don’t like talking with God, but I was praying for many people and I also pray and ask God to protect us, but it is taking so long to pray for all of that and I don’t really have the motivation to pray for the same thing everyday for so long, so I was wondering if God would still help the people I am praying for, even if I would just say “Please help all the people I have already prayed for”? Today i just talked to God and told him about my problems, but I feel so bad for being to lazy to pray for other people, I mean it is the same everyday, I always pray for the same things and it takes so long and I am also not motivated, but shouldn’t I love praying to God? I feel like I like talking to God, but I am not motivated to pray for the same things everyday for an hour, I would like to tell God about my problems or to apologize for my sins, but still, I feel so bad for being to lazy to pray for the other things…

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