Is it wrong for me to pursue Christianity for the sake of keeping my relationship with my girlfriend?

My gf is a Christian and I’m not. I’ve never liked religion because I’ve always thought it conflicted with so many things like relationships and other things. But I guess that comes with the benefits of admiring and loving something greater that no one else can understand. My gf and I are in the middle of discussing if we want to continue our relationship or not. The only way to continue our relationship was if I were to try and accept the ways of Christianity and allowing Jesus and God into my life. I love my gf a lot and she loves me, but her love for God will always stand in the center of her life. I’m afraid of losing her so I’m considering going through the process of learning and eventually converting, but I feel like it’s for the wrong reasons. I’m converting for her, not for God.. But then I think to myself maybe I met my gf because this was God’s way of getting me to open myself to him through her. At this point I don’t know what’s right or what to do. It feels wrong and selfish of me, but it also feels like an opportunity.. I would like some insight..

Edit: Her and I are in our mid twenties.

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