MARCH 2020


Adapted from the Daily Meditation of the Living Water, March 1, 2012 edition –

Read:  Acts 5: 1-11

“With the knowledge of his wife, he kept some of the proceeds of the sale and took some of it and placed it at the feet of the apostles.”   Acts 5: 2

If we consider the way of life of the early church, we might be embarrassed. Why? Because the church at the time of the apostles had a heart that was willing to share. They like to make offerings, are willing to sell their belongings to be offered to the apostles and then distributed to everyone according to their needs so that  “… there is no one who lacks among them;”  (Acts 4: 34a).

It is even said that a man named Joseph and the apostles called him Barnabas, a Levite from Cyprus, who came all the way to make offerings from selling the fields. The amount of money offered must be huge and it means a lot to people in need.

 Seeing a very wealthy foreigner bringing a lot of offerings from selling land encouraged Ananias and Safira to also sell something they owned. But unfortunately, with the knowledge of his wife, Ananias retained part of the proceeds of the sale and some was taken and placed at the feet of the apostles.

Ananias and Sapphira may hope that their offerings receive the attention and praise of the congregation. But the apostle Peter knew what was in their hearts:  “Ananias, why is your heart controlled by the devil, that you deceive the Holy Spirit and withhold a portion of the proceeds of the sale of the land? As long as the land is not sold, does not it still belong to you, and after it is sold, does the result remain in your control? your heart? You are not deceiving people, but lying to God. ”   (Acts 5: 3-4).

 Ananias and Safira have committed fraud. Deception is a sin! It is not wrong to withhold some of the proceeds of the sale and the money they use for their own interests. However, it is a big lie if they say they have given everything they have. They want praise from humans more than fearing God. For them self-reputation is very important. And in the end Ananias and Sapphira must bear the consequences of their own mistakes.

If we have the fear of God we will definitely not commit lies or deception!


Adapted from Daily Living Water Meditation, 2nd March 2012 edition –

Read:  Psalm 51: 1-21

“Make my heart clean, O God, and renew my heart with firm spirit.” Psalm 51:12

In the last days the life of believers must have a spirit that is getting stronger and stronger. This strong spirit can control the desires of the soul and body. It often happens we want to do right but our body always wants to do evil. Between the spirit and the body is always contradictory. As written,  “… if I will do what is good, the evil is in me. For in my heart I love the law of God, but in the members of my body I see other laws that fight against the laws of my mind and make me captive the law of sin which is in the members of my body. ”   (Romans 7: 21-23).

 Before we do what is right, what we do is evil. Really, the desires of the body are never in line with the desires of the spirit. We know that people who live in the flesh cannot possibly be pleasing to God. Therefore our spirit must be stronger in order to kill the flesh in us. Let us correct our lives whether we have been more obedient to the desires of our flesh or whether we have lived according to God’s will. Because to enter the kingdom of heaven is not an easy job. If one cannot kill within himself all the desires of the flesh, then he will not have a part in the kingdom of heaven. If someone always falls into the same sin, he not only needs forgiveness of sins, but his spirit must be renewed so that he is always strong.

  How can our spirit people become stronger and stronger? Our spirit humans must be fed the word of God. It says,  “And be like a newborn baby, who always wants pure and spiritual milk, so that you will grow and be saved,”  (1 Peter 2: 2). The word in question is not what is memorized or spoken, but the word that is entered and accepted by our spirits. There are many Christians who are good at saying the word but the spirit does not have the word. The proof can be seen when he is in trouble: easy to panic, stress, frustration, disappointment and so on.

Have a strong spirit so that we can put to death the works of the flesh!


Adapted from Daily Living Water Meditation, 3rd March 2012 edition –

Read:  Romans 1: 1-7

“You are also among them, you who have been called to belong to Christ.”   Romans 1: 6

God created humans not without purpose and plan, but we are created in His image and plan. We were created to produce fruit, multiply and conquer the earth, then the purpose of human life on earth reigning together with Christ is achieved. We are called to be saved and become like Christ. Believers will also reign with Christ. Therefore do not waste what God has given us. We are called and justified by God so we can reign with Him. But not everyone can rule with Christ. Only those who are faithful to the end will reign with Christ.

 As children of God, we are called to be like and in the image of Christ. The Lord Jesus has set a truly good example for us. Therefore every believer must learn from Him. We must learn from His humility,  “who, although in the form of God, does not regard equality with God as a possession that must be maintained, but has emptied Himself, and assumed the form of a servant, and become equal to humans.”   (Philippians 2: 6-7). The Lord Jesus came not to be served but to serve.

The Bible states,  “Whoever wants to be prominent among you, let him be your servant;” (Matthew 20: 26b-27). A servant means serving, not asking to be served. To be conformed to and likened to Christ we must also learn from His obedience to the Father’s will. Christ obeyed to do the Father’s will, even He obeyed to death on the cross. Even though they are despised, reviled and humiliated by humans, the Lord Jesus never replied or even prayed for them.

What about us if we are insulted, hurt and reviled by others? Are we still angry and vindictive? Can we give thanks for everything that happens in our lives?

“Whoever says that he is in him must live in the same way as Christ lived.” 1 John 2: 6


Adapted from Daily Living Water Meditation, 4th March 2012 edition –

Read:  Ephesians 1: 1-14

“For in Him God has chosen us before the foundation of the world, so that we are holy and blameless before Him.”  Ephesians 1: 4

Every day we are always confronted with the problem of how to deny our flesh because our main enemy is our own flesh. It reads:  “… the spirit is indeed obedient, but the flesh is weak.”  (Matthew 26: 41b). Therefore we must fight to be able to defeat our flesh. We must be firm: life pleases God or pleases our flesh. If we please our flesh, we will fall into sin and various temptations, but if we please God, then that peace will be ours. Let us live according to His word so that we are pleasing to God and His heart is pleasing.

The Bible clearly states that we are called to live in truth. We are called to do righteousness and have Christlike character. The Bible expressly states,  “God calls us not to do what is unclean, but what is holy. Therefore, who rejects this is not rejecting humans, but rejecting God who has also given His holy Spirit to you.”  

(1 Thessalonians 4: 7-8). Stop doing dirty things! It is futile worship that we run if we are still compromising with sin and still living according to worldly desires. Remember! We have been given all the good facilities by God. We are protected, cared for and cared for by Him, so there is no more reason not to live in godliness. It read:  “Because His divine power has given us everything that is useful for godly living by our introduction to Him, who has called us by His glorious and wonderful power.  (2 Peter 1: 3)

With the help of the Holy Spirit we are certainly able to do righteousness. Hasn’t God already given us the power and strength to act and God is ready to help us in many ways so that we won’t be easily swayed and fall? So,  “… be ye holy in all your life, even as he is holy, who has called you, for it is written,” Be holy, for I am holy. ”   (1 Peter 1: 15-16).

Without holiness we would not be able to co-reign with Christ!


Adapted from Daily Living Water Meditation, 5th March 2012 edition –

Read:  Psalm 84: 1-13

“For it is better to have a day in your court than a thousand days in another place; it is better to stand at the threshold of the house of my God than to dwell in the tents of the wicked. ”   Psalm 84:11

Do we need to go to church? Do we need to make time to come to church every Sunday? Yes, of course it is necessary … But there are still many Christians who ignore the hours of worship and no longer go to church, especially if for example the shop is crowded with buyers, it’s a shame if it is closed. For believers worshiping in church is a duty and obligation that must not be ignored and it is a must.

  Going to church is God’s command and must be obeyed. It says:  “But the place that the Lord your God will choose, from all your tribes as His residence to establish His name there, is the place you must seek and there you must go.”   (Deuteronomy 12: 5). When God gives commands there is no reason for us to break them. In the church God has provided blessings for His people. Therefore the word of the Lord advises,  “Let us not distance ourselves from our worship meetings, as some people are accustomed to, but let us exhort one another, and increasingly do so before the approaching day of the Lord.”  (Hebrews 10:25).

Every active and faithful believer of worshiping in church is a happy person because in the house of God there are many blessings. The Psalm says,  “Blessed are those who dwell in your house, who continually praise you.”   (Psalm 84: 5). There is the anointing and blessing that God has poured out on the assembly of people who gather together in His holy temple,  “For that is where the Lord commands blessings, …”   (Psalm 133: 3b).

It is a great loss if we are lazy to go to church! In addition there are abundant blessings, in the house of God we will get answers to the problems and struggles that are happening in our lives. In the house of the Lord, we carry the burden and leave it to Him. The Lord said,  “Come to me, all who are weary and heavy burdened. I will give you rest.”   (Matthew 11:28).

When we praise and glorify the name of God there we get new strength and comfort.


Adapted from Daily Living Water Meditation, edition March 6, 2012 –

Read:  Psalm 26: 1-12

“Lord, I love your home and where your glory resides.”   Psalm 26: 8

When he was surrounded by Sennacherib and Jerusalem was completely crushed, Hezekiah tore his clothes and covered his body with sackcloth, and he entered into the house of the Lord. Hezekiah knew well that a safe and secure refuge was in the house of God. In God Hezekiah found strength and hope. God says,  “He (king of Assyria) will not enter this city and will not shoot arrows there; nor will he come to him with a shield and will heap the land into a wall to surround him.

Through the road, from where he came, he will return, but to he will not enter this city, saith the Lord. And I will enclose this city to save it, because of me and because of David, my servant. ” (Isaiah 37: 33-35). It is truly true that  “God is for us a place of refuge and strength, as a helper in distress, very proven.” (Psalm 46: 2).

In the house of God we get teachings through the truth of God’s words delivered by His servants. Teaching is needed so that we can correct life: has our life been according to God’s will or has deviated from His word. In Micah 4: 2 it says,  “Come, we go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob, so that he teaches us about his ways and that we walk on them; for from Zion shall the teaching be delivered, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. ”   Many Christians ignore the word of God; when God’s servants deliver teachings, there are those who chat, play mobile phones or even sleep snoring.

Hearing the word of God is very important because “All the writings inspired by God are indeed useful for teaching, for stating mistakes, for correcting behavior and for educating people in the truth.” (2 Timothy 3:16). That is why David felt extraordinary joy when he was in the house of God. Just being in the yard made him happy.

Therefore, no matter how busy we are there is no reason for us not to go to church, because in worship God is present specifically and is ready to pour out His blessings!


Adapted from Daily Living Water Devotional, March 7, 2012 edition –

Read:  Deuteronomy 11: 8-32

“blessing, if you listen to the command of God, your God, which I give you today;” Deuteronomy 11:27

A blessed life is truly a part of a believer’s life. But the reality is that many children of God have not yet felt and experienced God’s full blessings in their lives. Why does this happen? Maybe because we do not know the secret, even though the blessing has been provided by God and we just need to achieve it.

 The verse in the verse clearly says that blessings will be ours if we listen to God’s commandment to live in obedience. We are sometimes still confused about where to start to do God’s commands; it is not a matter of where, but our sincerity to obey is the first and most important step. This is like a runner who will race, always starting from the start, and he will finish it to the finish line, whether he becomes first or later.

To reach the path of blessing God has given steps. It’s just us, whether we want it or not! Experiencing God’s blessing is not a difficult matter if we know the way and the way, do not have to go around until dizzy around to find the blessing because every child of God has the right to be blessed. The Lord Jesus said,  “But first seek the kingdom of God and its truth, then they will be added to you.”   (Matthew 6:33). God also gave Joshua tips on how to experience a blessed life:  “Thou shalt not forget to speak the book of the law, but contemplate it day and night, so that you behave carefully according to all that is written in it, for in this way your journey will be successful and you will be lucky.”   (Joshua 1: 8).

 Don’t complain anymore, grumble and complain to God, but have the determination to live obediently so that we see the results. Our God is a God who likes to bless His people, how do we respond to God. His words affirm,  “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who in Christ has given us all spiritual blessings in heaven.” (Ephesians 1: 3).

The word “has” means that all blessings have been provided and are ours; get it!


Adapted from Daily Living Water Meditation, March 8 2012 edition –

Read:  2 Chronicles 33: 1-20 “He did many evil things in the eyes of God, so that he caused His heartache.”   2 Chronicles 33: 6b Regret never comes in front but appears behind or later. So it would be wise if before doing everything we think carefully the causes and consequences so as not to regret.

     This was experienced by Manasseh. As a king he felt himself capable, strong, and had abundant power and wealth. That is why he no longer cares about the word of God. He lives in disobedience! Menasye committed an extraordinary crime even though he knew the word and it hurt God very much. He even prefers to listen to the advice of his wicked advisers and obey the people rather than listen to the counsel of the Lord’s prophet. And even more heinous, Manasseh erected the hills of sacrifice to the gods. Not only that, he was also willing to sacrifice his own children as offerings to Baal. Manasye has really lost heart! But when rebuked and reminded of God he did not budge as written:  “Then the Lord said to Manasseh and his people, but they ignored it. Therefore God brought to them the commanders of the Assyrian king’s army who captured Manasseh by hook, bound him with a copper chain and brought him to Babylon.” (2 Chronicles 33: 10-11). Manasseh is really humiliated!

Yet God is patient and loving. God still loves His people. So in order not to get too far astray by being forced by God to finally punish Manasseh. The aim is not to destroy but so that this nation repents. So in this pinch situation Manasseh just realized his mistake. He came to God and asked for forgiveness. Hearing the sincerity of Manasseh finally God melted. God released him from the hands of the king of Assyria. Then Manasseh began to live in repentance by destroying the gods of Baal; statues and hills of sacrifice were destroyed. Finally Manasye recovered. If now we are far from God, immediately repent.

Do not wait until the hardships, sufferings or punishments of God come upon us before we regret and want to repent!


Adapted from the Living Water Daily Devotional, March 9, 2012 edition –

Read:  Luke 19: 1-10

“So he ran ahead of the crowd, then climbed up a fig tree to see Jesus, who will pass there.”   Luke 19: 4

There is a wise sentence that says that the opportunity does not come for the second time, because it should never be wasted. An athlete who trains hard and tirelessly every day, when finally sent to a championship will certainly not waste it, he will use that opportunity as best he can to measure his abilities and strength. So do we; if we have the opportunity to serve God, seize that opportunity as best we can. Many people are sorry when the opportunity given is not used and even wasted. Next there is regret.

 One person who did not waste the opportunity in his life was Zacchaeus. He heard that  “Jesus entered the city of Jericho and walked through it. He tried to see what Jesus was, but he was unsuccessful because of the crowd, because his body was short.”  (Luke 19: 1, 3). But Zacchaeus did not just give up. He thought: this is a golden opportunity to meet Jesus; When again? The passage shows how much he tried so he could see Jesus.

Despite his physical limitations (short stature), Zacchaeus did not despair. He did not lose his mind, immediately ran and climbed a fig tree. He is not the slightest prestige, does not care about the reactions of others. Even though Zacchaeus was a rich man and a tax collector. We know that work as a tax collector is a job that is hated and sneered by many people. But the Lord Jesus felt there was a heart that missed him. Immediately the Lord Jesus ordered Zacchaeus to come down from the fig tree.

 Meeting with the Lord Jesus became a new chapter for the life of Zacchaeus. His life was totally transformed and saved so Zacchaeus said,  “Lord, half of my possessions will be given to the poor and if there is something I insist on and someone I will give back fourfold.”   (Luke 19: 8).

Today many people still look down on the Lord Jesus, still hardening their hearts and not accepting Him as Lord and Savior. In time, the opportunity will pass and finally remorse is useless!


Adapted from Daily Living Water Devotional, March 10, 2012 edition –

Read:  James 4: 1-10

“Or you pray too, but you do not receive anything, because you pray wrongly, because you want to spend it to satisfy the air your lust. ”   James 4: 3

It is important for us to always be reminded how important prayer is for believers. Prayer is the breath of our lives. In other words every believer must live in prayer all the time. Prayer is our means of communication with God and that means it must happen both ways. There are times when we speak to God and God listens, and there are times when God speaks to us through His words then we listen.

 God wants a close relationship between us and Him to be continued every day and every time. But many Christians are diligent in praying only when they need to, when in trouble and struggle. Conversely, if everything is fine, smooth business, healthy body, etc., prayer is no longer a top priority in his life. Then, what kind of prayer that pleases God? Prayers that are pleasing to God are prayers accompanied by faith. It means prayer that believes in God’s word which consists of His good plan for our lives, and His promises which are yes and amen. Maybe all this time we have prayed for months or even years but our prayers have not yet been answered by God. Don’t blame God right away! Correct first and pay attention to how we pray. Do we pray with the right attitude of heart, or do we pray only to satisfy our personal desires?

 Indeed, God knows exactly what our needs are, and He will surely meet our needs. But when praying we must be able to distinguish between praying with faith and praying forcing the will of God for self-interest. Claiming God’s promises is good, but don’t do it to satisfy our worldly desires. Often we become jealous when we see others more successful than us, then we protest to God why God does not bless us like that person.

Pray not when we need everything, but pray to God every time to build intimacy with God; surely blessings will be poured out on us.


Read: Romans 14: 1-12

“But you, why do you judge your brother? Or why do you insult your brother? Because we must all face the judgment seat of God.”   Romans 14:10

Until now, it is still common to judge one another among God’s children. We are so easy to see the sins, weaknesses and shortcomings of others. When there are brothers who fall into sin we immediately mock and immediately spread this ‘warm news’ to others. When there are brothers who experience severe struggles and illnesses do not heal we immediately say, “Wow … he is too much sin, so God inflicts severe problems on him.” There is a saying that there is no ivory that is not cracked. Each person is never free from mistakes. Nobody’s perfect! Even God’s servants or pastors are not free from mistakes and shortcomings. Therefore  “… let us not judge one another again! But it is better for you to hold this view: Don’t make our brother fall or stumble!”   (Romans 14:13).

There are many verses in the Bible that tell us not to judge others easily. This shows that judging others is a sin before God. Through this reflection we are made aware that it is not easy to sit as a judge of other siblings. The Word of God firmly states that  “There is only one Lawmaker and Judge, that is He who has the power to save and destroy. But who are you, so you want to judge your neighbor?”  (James 4:12).

 If at this time we still feel as the most righteous person and put others always accused, immediately repent before it is too late, because  “… with the judgment you use to judge, you will be judged and the measure you use to measure, will is given to you. ”   (Matthew 7: 2). If there is a brother who is weak and falls, it is an opportunity for us to show love by helping and strengthening, so that he will immediately rise and be restored. Don’t be a judge and try to pass a verdict.

As children of God, let’s complement, care for, support, support and strengthen each other!


Read:  Romans 14: 1-12

“Who are you to judge the servants of others? Whether he stands, whether he falls, whether it falls, is his own master’s business. But he will stand still , because God has the power to keep him standing. ”  Romans 14: 4

We must know that we do not have the power to judge, because what we view is good and right according to our measurements is not necessarily the case; only God has and knows the truth and justice. That is why His word says,  “Vengeance is mine. It is I who will demand vengeance.” And again: ‘God will judge His people’ ”   (Hebrews 10:30).

This is often the biggest problem why churches cannot grow, cannot progress, become divided, because they judge one another. Many people do not want to come to a particular church because they hear that the servants of God in that church knock each other down, one feels himself to be greater and more anointed than the other. This kind of situation also happened in the time of the Lord Jesus. The disciples of the Lord Jesus Himself asked God which of them was the greatest. The Lord Jesus firmly answered who wants to be the greatest must be a servant to others. So, no church can say that the church is the best , the most blessed and so on.

We must realize that judging one another is Satan’s strategy to destroy the lives of believers and God’s church. Judging each other always brings bad consequences or effects:  1.   Causing disunity. Judging each other comes from the Devil with the aim of dividing God’s people. Therefore we must be careful, we should no longer judge one another so that there is no division among God’s people.  2  Making others hurt and become bitter. Anyone of us certainly does not like to be judged by others. It would be nice if someone made a mistake rebuked in the right way, the right words and the right time too, because judging is different from reprimanding. When we judge someone, we mean that the person is guilty. It will only cause hurt and make the person humiliated and worse off. Judging others is Satan’s strategy to destroy the lives of believers!

AYUB: Stay Strong Amid Suffering! DAY 13

Read:  Job 13: 1-28

“How big are my mistakes and sins? Tell me of my transgressions and sins. Why do you hide your face, and consider me to be your enemy?”   Job 13: 23-34 The

Bible clearly records that Job was  “pious and honest; he feared God and shunned evil.”   (Job 1: 1). This shows that Job was a man of righteous life and without blemish before God. That is why when misery and suffering happen to his life he feels entitled to ask God: is this not a “wrong address”? Shouldn’t the wicked or sinners be worthy of all suffering and disaster?

     Often we also get angry with God and blame Him when we see people outside God living in “safe” ways. The psalmist advises,  “Do not be angry because those who do evil, do not be jealous of those who cheat; for they soon disappear like grass and wither like green plants.”   (Psalm 37: 1-2). As believers we must learn to understand God’s will because He has a different perspective. God is never wrong in any of His actions. All the suffering that befell Job was the work of the Devil who was about to overthrow Job’s faith. But despite experiencing tremendous suffering Job was still able to survive. Even he can still say,  “‘Do we want to receive the good from God, but don’t want to accept the bad?’ In all that Job did not sin with his lips. ”   (Job 2: 10b). Losing everything does not make Job weak and discouraged. Even his closest friends seemed to advise him, even though his advice contained accusations and condemnation to Job. They assumed that Job had committed an offense which resulted in the suffering he had to endure.

     As long as we live in this world, we are not free from problems or suffering. But God promises to give us strength and provide Helpers namely the Holy Spirit. Therefore, in a difficult situation, let us stay strong and survive because there is always God’s purpose and plan behind the suffering we experience.

That is why in the midst of suffering, Job realizes: “Because He knows the way of my life; if He had tested me, I would have arisen like gold.” (Job 23:10).


Adapted from Daily Living Water Meditation, edition March 14, 2012 –

Read:  Psalm 119: 137-144 “Your promise is very tested, and Your servant loves it.”   Psalm 119: 140 As humans it is easy for us to promise, but to keep that promise is not easy, it often misses. Many people are disappointed because the person who was expected turned out to have broken a promise. A young man promised to marry a girl, apparently he did not keep that promise, instead he turned to another heart and left the girl. Human promises often end in disappointment, even though the world proverb says that promises are debt, so pay your promises so you don’t owe.      What about God if He promises? The Bible states that 

“The Lord has not neglected to keep His promises,”   (2 Peter 3: 9a) and  “God’s promises are pure promises, like tested silver, seven times purified in a smelting furnace on the ground.”   (Psalm 12: 7). Therefore, do not ever doubt God’s promises. When in a difficult struggle, never give up hope. Look to the Lord Jesus and keep the promise of His word. Don’t look at how much trouble we are experiencing, but look with the eyes of faith how great is the power and ability of our Lord because His power is truly unlimited to help His people.

If our prayer struggle has not yet received an answer, don’t be disappointed! Instead keep on waiting for God and practice His word. One way: look for verses in the Bible that deal with the problems we are experiencing, then pray according to God’s promises. When we are struggling in economic matters, hold on to this verse:  “My God will fulfill all your needs according to his wealth and glory in Christ Jesus.”   (Philippians 4:19) and say it with faith.

When we are overcome with fear say to your heart,  “Even though I walk in the valley of doom, I am not afraid of danger, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, that comfort me.”  (Psalm 23: 4). When we are struggling with illnesses, hold on to the promise of the word of God:  “By His stripes you are healed.”   (1 Peter 2: 24b). The power of God’s word is very powerful and the strength of the promise of His word is very tested. Therefore hold fast the promises of God’s word, take time to study and meditate on His words because God is behind every word of His word.

God said, “… for I am ready to carry out my word.” (Jeremiah 1:12)


Adapted from Daily Living Water Meditation, 15 March 2012 edition –

Read:  Isaiah 59: 1-21

“Behold, the hand of the LORD is not long enough to save, and His hearing is not sharp enough to hear; but what separates you and your God is all your wickedness, and what made Him hide from you, so that He did not hear, is all your sins. ”   Isaiah 59: 1-2 In

recent years many children of God have not become more active in God, but have become weaker and less enthusiastic. What caused it? Cliché: because the prayer is not answered by God. We become angry with God and feel uselessly following God: ” How comeuntil so much? Why have I prayed so long and diligently worshiped but my prayers have not been answered by God? God is not fair! “Be careful!” Never blame God.

 It is important for us to be quiet for a moment and ask God why this can happen. Maybe we can find the answer here. Because we still have sin. There is a sin that hasn’t been dealt with! It reads:  “Your mistakes hinder all of this, and your sins hinder the good of you.”   (Jeremiah 5:25). It is our sins and mistakes that separate us from God, which makes God hide Himself from us.

 Pay attention! Sin separates humans from God, but holiness draws people closer to Him because the One we worship is the Holy God, so if we want to go to God our lives must also be holy. The above verse clearly states that in fact God is not long enough to save, His hearing is not less sharp to hear, but what is a barrier so that our prayers do not get an answer is all our own evil and sins. Even David said,  “If there were evil intentions in my heart, surely God would not listen.”  (Psalm 66:18). As a person who was close to God David knew the heart of God; if there is an evil intention in your heart, God doesn’t want to listen to someone’s prayer. Only evil intentions God does not want to hear our prayers, especially if we have done and even live in sin. Don’t underestimate this because God is very strict in terms of His word.

God never compromises with the slightest sin!


Adapted from Daily Living Water Meditation, March 16 2012 edition –

Read:  1 John 1: 5-10

“If we confess our sins, then He is faithful and just, so that He will forgive all our sins and cleanse us from all evil.”   1 John 1: 9

God cannot be bribed. Moreover, we still live in disobedience, don’t expect our prayers to be heard and answered by Him. Verily, this Lord is patient; He has rebuked us and counseled us through His words but we ourselves do not want to listen to His rebuke. As a result when we call Him and cry out to Him He will not hear our voice as it is written:  “… they do not listen when called, so I will not listen when they call, says the Lord of hosts.”   (Zechariah 7:13).

If God is so hard on sin, what about our lives full of sin? Grateful, we have a loving and forgiving God. If we repent sincerely, want to be honest and openly admit our sins, He will forgive all our sins and cleanse us from all evil. God will not throw us away! The Lord said,  “Even if your sins are red like scarlet, they will be white as snow; even though they are red like a cloth of chalice, they will be white like sheep’s wool.”   (Isaiah 1:18).

Therefore, confess our sins one by one to the end, then God will forgive all our sins and the blood of Christ will cleanse and cleanse us from all sins. Never hide sin because sins that are hidden are a barrier to our prayers so they are not answered by God. Therefore we need the help of the Holy Spirit to remind us of sins that we have not confessed before God; admit it all and ask for forgiveness so that we truly become free people in God. The Lord himself said,  “I, I am the One who blotted out the sins of your rebellion because of myself, and I do not remember your sins.”  (Isaiah 43:25). Do not let our sins accumulate in our lives, we must immediately deal with it before God.

As David was always honest and openly confessing all his sins before God, there was nothing to hide so that there were no obstacles facing God, there were no obstacles to come to Him; there are no barriers to our prayers!


Adapted from Daily Living Water Devotional, March 17 2012 edition –

Read:  John 6: 25-29

“Jesus answered them: ‘I say to you, you are looking for me, not because you have seen the signs, but because you have eaten bread that and you are full. “”   John 6:26

The Bible records that many people flocked to look for Jesus not because of His person but because they wanted to experience miracles and have eaten bread until they were full. How about us? Why are we looking for Jesus? This question we should ask ourselves because at the end of this age there are many reasons people look for Jesus: so that the business runs smoothly, wants to get healing, even wants to find a life partner. God wants us to look for Him because we have seen the signs, but  “… actually you are looking for Me, not because you have seen the signs, …”

 God wants us to look for Him because we have understood the ‘signs’. What signs? Signs of salvation because we believe that He is the Savior as written:  “And salvation is not in anyone but in Him, because under heaven there is no other name given to man by whom we can be saved.”   (Acts 4:12). God also wants us to look for Him because we know that He is the Messiah . This is also recognized by Martha,  “Yes, Lord, I believe, that You are the Messiah, the Son of God, the One who will come into the world.” (John 11:27). Not only that, God wants us to seek Him because we understand that He is the King of kings , “… He is Lord of lords and King of kings.”  (Revelation 17: 14b). And God wants us to search for His Person because we believe that He is God . The Bible states,  “For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”   (Romans 10: 9)

 Let us look for Jesus not because we only need something or expect something from Him, or we only make the Lord Jesus as the provider for our every need. The Lord Jesus is able to provide for all our needs not because He is the servant we can command as we wish but because He is Lord, Messiah, Savior, and King of kings.

Honor Him and Glorify His name!


Adapted from the Daily Meditation on Living Water, 18 March 2012 edition –

Read:  Galatians 6: 1-10

“For if a man thinks that he means, even though he is nothing at all, he deceives himself.”   Galatians 6: 3

This life is the greatest gift from God. And no one can say that the life he lived was just a coincidence, “Because I was born into this world, well … just go through, flow with the flow. Why is it too sluggish!” Remember! When someone is trusted to live, it means that there is a purpose and plan for God that is beautiful and extraordinary in it. Because from the beginning, God has had a great plan for human life. However, how we live our lives and how we live our lives is a choice for each of us.

Many people who waste days in their lives with things that are meaningless, even wrong, so that his life becomes a testimony that is not good for others. What God wants, every believer has a meaningful life, because God has designed a good life and a good future for every believer’s life. In Jeremiah 29:11 it says, “For I know what arrangements  I have about you, saith the Lord, that is, a plan of peace and not an accident, to give you a hopeful future. ”  So, God’s plan for our lives is good, there is no bad or bad plan.

That is why, we must try to make our lives meaningful and in accordance with what God wants. We must take responsibility for our own lives. We are given the talent to be developed, given the potential for us to maximize. Notice the Apostle Paul’s determination,  “Because for me to live is Christ and dying is gain. But if I have to live in this world, it means for me to work to bear fruit.”   (Philippians 1: 21-22a) and  “… I live, but I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”   (Galatians 2: 20a).

A meaningful life is a fruitful life for God and a blessing for others. One of them is the fruit of the spirit that is produced, namely:  “love, joy, peace, patience, generosity, kindness, loyalty, gentleness, self-control.”   (Galatians 5: 22-23a). Has it become a part of our daily lives?

If our lives don’t mean we can be called failures as Christians!

HEAR: Part and parcel of Obedience! DAY 19

Adapted from Daily Living Water Devotional, March 19 2012 edition –

Read:  Matthew 7: 24-27

“Everyone who hears my words and does them, is the same as a wise person, who builds his house on a rock.”   Matthew 7:24

In Greek obedience is called ‘ aqu-o ‘ which means in English is ‘ I will obey ‘. Obedience referred to here is not just obedience, but also means listening. No one can be obedient if you do not listen first, then keep it in your heart, ponder it and then do it.

That is why the prophet Isaiah said,  “The Lord God has given me the tongue of a disciple, so that with words I can give a new spirit to the weary person. Every morning He sharpens my hearing to hear like a student.”   (Isaiah 50: 4). Isaiah says that every morning God sharpens his hearing to hear because it is impossible for someone to be obedient without hearing first. This means that we hear God’s commands through the truth of His word, then we obey and in time we will see God’s blessings revealed on our lives as written,  “God will lift you up to be head and not tail, you will still go up and not go down, if you listen to the commands of the Lord your God which I have obeyed today faithfully, ”  (Deuteronomy 28:13).

Obedience is not just doing. Many Christians seem to be obedient even though they do it all by being insincere, feeling reluctant or forced. “Ah, it’s not good not to come to church because it’s often called by my pastor; well … I was forced to come to the prayer meeting because I was picked up by a friend, couldn’t refuse.” Some also come to church because they have certain motivations. Can this be called obedience? So, if someone seems to do something good is not always because of being obedient. Obedience must be absolutely clear. Starting from listening, it means understanding first what the will of God is, then we really do it because we obey Him.

Let us continue to sharpen our hearing of God’s word every day so that we become stronger in God and become His obedient children.


Adapted from the Daily Living Water Meditation, 20 March 2012 edition –

Read:  Psalm 115: 1-8

“Bless those who fear God, both small and large. May God add to you, to you and to your children.”  Psalm 115: 13-14

Being a devout is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, it can be said to be heavy because every day we also must continue to struggle with our flesh. But the word of the Lord continually advises,   “Live as obedient children, do not obey the passions which govern you in your ignorance,”  (1 Peter 1:14).

 If we rely on our own strength we will not be able to be obedient, therefore “… do not rely on your own understanding. Admit Him in all your ways, then he will straighten your path.”  (Proverbs 3: 5b-6). But when we want to obey God, we will see extraordinary experiences with Him. Often we cannot see and experience miracles from God because of one thing, namely we are disobedient, because miracles actually occur when we obey.

It is good if we are prayed for and hand in hand by God’s servants when we are sick, weak and in heavy struggle because there is a power of God working through the laying on of hands. But Sadarkh, Meshach and Abednego experienced extraordinary miracles not because of the laying on of a servant of God; miraculous and terrible things happen for them when they live in obedience. Also Daniel who was put in the lion’s den. They are devout individuals. In addition to producing extraordinary miracles, obedience will also make a person have strength.

He will not be easily swayed, hopeless or frustrated when he is in pain and severe tests because he knows who he hopes to be. Who does not know the Apostle Paul? Despite the trials and hardships of preaching the gospel, he still stood tall and was able to survive. She says,  “If God is for us, who can be against us? Who can separate us from the love of Christ? Oppression or distress or persecution, or hunger or nudity, or danger, or sword? But in all of them we are more than people who won, by him who loved us. ”  (Romans 8: 31b, 35, 37).

At the end of this age God is looking for devout Christians; to him will be poured out blessings and strength!


Read:   Isaiah 32: 1-20

“Where there is truth there will grow peace, and the result of truth is peace and tranquility forever.”  Isaiah 32:17

As believers we do not live in peace with the concept of the world, but we live in peace because Christ is in us. The above verse emphasizes that peace, tranquility and serenity will accompany a person’s life if there is truth. This means that as long as we live in obedience and truth, we will experience peace.

This peace is not something outside that affects us. But peace is something that is within us that radiates so strongly that it wants to get out of us. That is the peace of Christ. It says   “Let the peace of Christ reign in your heart, for for this reason you have been called to be one body. And be thankful.”  (Colossians 3:15). When someone has the peace of Christ his earthly desires will surely die, because for him Jesus is more than enough. That is what the Apostle Paul felt.  “But what used to be gain for me, now I consider loss because of Christ. In fact, I consider everything to be a loss, because the knowledge of Christ Jesus, my Lord, is nobler than all of them. Christ, ”  (Philippians 3: 7-8).

 Someone who has the peace of Christ will still be grateful even if he is in a storm of problems. Because   “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you, and what I give is not as given by the world to you. Do not be troubled and tremble your heart.”  (John 14:27). Peace given by God is different from this world. Peace in this world is only false and not eternal, depends on circumstances and can be lost. Maybe someone feels peaceful because his house is guarded by security guards, or feel at peace because the bank deposits are abundant. But is there anything safe in this world? If there are still Christians whose lives continue to complain and grumble, it means that they have not yet received the perfect peace of Christ. If we have received the perfect peace of Christ, the problems that come will not shake our faith.

Therefore be obedient children of God so that the peace of Christ is in us!


Read:   Haggai 1: 1-14

“Because My house is still in ruins, each of you is busy with the affairs of his own house.”   Haggai 1: 9b

The temple is the place where God’s glory is revealed to His people. Unfortunately, the Temple in today’s reading has become rubble or ruins. Therefore tirelessly the prophet Haggai invited the people of God to rebuild the temple that had collapsed. How do they respond? ” This nation says: Now is not the time to rebuild the house of God!”   (Haggai 1: 2).

The people did not take it seriously and tended to underestimate Haggai’s invitation. They were reluctant to build the Temple again and preferred to build their own home. This shows that they are more selfish than spiritual matters. Spiritual matters are no longer the top priority in their lives. Is this what is called spiritual progress? The Israelites have experienced a deep spiritual decline. It was this experience of the Israelites that prompted the Apostle Paul to remind the Galatians,   “Are you that stupid? You have started with the Spirit, will you now end it in the flesh? What have you experienced so much? What nonsense cooking! ”   (Galatians 3: 3-4)

This situation is not much different from the lives of believers today; the spirit to serve God is getting loose, even though previously we were so fiery for God. But after everything went smoothly we started to change. Our hearts are getting cold! Now worldly matters take up most of our time. We are so absorbed in pursuing material pursuits that the time to fellowship with God no longer exists, let alone involved in service. We leave the Temple in ruins and we are busy building and beautifying our own homes. The Lord said,   “… do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit dwelling in you, the Holy Spirit you have obtained from God, – and that you do not belong to you?”  (1 Corinthians 6:19).  Not that we all have to go to Bible school and become full-time pastors or ministers of God.

Whatever we have: time, energy, talents, gifts, possessions and so on, we can offer to the glory of the name of God; don’t just think about your own interests.

BIBLE: Far Highly Valuable! DAY 23

Read:  2 Timothy 3: 10-17

“Remember also that from childhood you were familiar with the Scriptures that can give you wisdom and lead you to salvation by faith in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 3:15

How much is a Bible? Varies with paper and cover quality-his. For Indonesian Bibles the price is no more than one hundred thousand rupiah. It’s also not difficult to get a Bible because it’s available in bookstores. But you should never equate the value of the Bible with other books, even though the price is not too much different. The contents of the Bible are far more valuable than other books because the Bible contains the words inspired by God Himself.

The Bible is God’s mind, God’s will, God’s heart, and what God plans for human life. If we pay attention, the situation and all the events that happened in this world long ago were foretold by the Bible. And all the prophecies did not come from human will, but by the power of the Holy Spirit as written:  “Because prophecy is never produced by human will, but by the encouragement of the Holy Spirit people speak in the name of God.”   (2 Peter 1:21).

What is more special about the Bible? The Bible has the power to change people’s hearts and correct human lives, because  “All the writings inspired by God are indeed useful for teaching, for stating mistakes, for correcting behavior and for educating people in truth.”   (2 Timothy 3:16). The Bible can turn a bad person into a good one, ex-convicts can become servants of God.

Money, wealth, position cannot change a human’s heart, but it is the Word of God that can soften a hard heart, it can even melt a hardened heart,  “Because the word of God is living and stronger and sharper than any two-edged sword; it pierces so deeply that it separates soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it is able to distinguish the thoughts and thoughts of our hearts.”   (Hebrews 4:12).

 The Bible has the power to guide men to the Lord Jesus. David acknowledged this,  “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (Psalm 119: 105). The Lord Jesus is the subject, the center of the preaching and the most expensive treasure contained in the Bible.

The Bible is very valuable because the writings contained in it contain power and lead humans to eternal salvation!


Adapted from the Daily Living Water Meditation, 24 March 2012 edition –

Read:  Acts 10: 1-48

“… Cornelius, an officer who was sincere and feared of God, and who was well-known among all the Jews, …”   (Acts 10:22) Witnesses

for people others are the duties and responsibilities of every believer. Through our lives being a blessing to others the name of God is glorified. An example is Cornelius. The Bible states,  “He (Cornelius) was pious, he and his household feared God and he gave alms to the Jews and always prayed to God.”  (Acts 10: 2). Not only godly and fearful of God, Cornelius was also a generous person, who was helpful and gave alms to others. Cornelius was also diligent in praying to God not only at certain times, but at all times. Cornelius was also a sincere person, there was no pretense in his life so he had a good reputation among all the Jewish people.

 Is there something missing in Cornelius? There is. Cornelius had never heard the name of Jesus and had not yet believed in him. That is what Cornelius lacked. Peter’s arrival at Cornelius’ house after being picked up from Joppa opened a new chapter in his life. When talking with Cornelius Peter did not talk about anything other than about Jesus Christ because it was needed by Cornelius. Cornelius needs to hear about the life of the Lord Jesus, be it His death, His resurrection from the dead and also His return, because  “… It was He who was determined by God to be the Judge of the living and the dead. About Him all the prophets testify that whoever believes in Him will receive forgiveness of sins for His name’s sake. ”  (Acts 10: 42-43).

 Not only does Cornelius have to hear about Jesus Christ, but he must also believe in Him and make Him Lord and Savior personally. Human piety without Jesus Christ has no meaning because  “… salvation is not in anyone but in Him, because under heaven there is no other name given to man by whom we can be saved.” (Acts 4:12).

Have we repented and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?

HEARTNESS: Recognize the Strengths of Others! DAY 25

Adapted from Daily Living Water Meditation, March 25 2012 edition –

Read:  Proverbs 29: 1-27

“Pride humbles people, but humble people, receive praise.” Proverbs 29:23

Everyone without exception certainly likes to be praised, respected and also respected by others. They don’t like it when others underestimate, belittle or insult. Praise to someone is very meaningful, can arouse enthusiasm for him to work and work better than what has been done.

 If a company leader praises the work of one of his employees, the employee will definitely be more enthusiastic in working and trying to do the best for the company. Conversely, if a company leader continues to reproach and scold employees, the employee is not more motivated but instead becomes more frustrated and reluctant to do his job because he feels that what has been done so far is not valued. So praise can improve the quality or the quality of one’s work. Of course the praise we give is not only for big things but also for the smallest matters, because  “Whoever is faithful in small matters, he is faithful also in large matters.”   (Luke 16: 10a).

 Praise can also open someone’s heart to receive reprimands or criticism from others. Unfortunately, not everyone can give praise to others. Only people who have humility who want to acknowledge the strengths or achievements of others. Without humility, one can hardly praise others. With a humble attitude, we can erode our sense of ego, want to learn from others and can give praise. Only humble people can praise others and acknowledge their strengths.

 Let us learn to be humble and no longer arrogant, because  “Arrogant humans will be humbled, and arrogant people will be subdued; and God alone is the almighty on that day.” (Isaiah 2:11). Conversely, humble people are loved by God. The psalmist said,  “He guides those who are humble according to the law, and He teaches His ways to those who are humble.”   (Psalm 25: 9).

Have humility because it pleases God and has blessings in it!


Adapted from Daily Living Water Meditation, March 26 2012 edition –

Read:  Philippians 4: 1-9

“So finally, brothers and sisters, all that is true, all that is noble, all that is just, all that is holy, all that is sweet, all that is sweet, all that is pleasant to hear, all that is called virtue and praiseworthy, think about it all. ”   Philippians 4: 8

The above verse emphasizes how important it is to fill the mind with positive things because it will affect our lives. Our minds can determine each of our words and actions. If what we have in mind are positive things, good things will happen for us.

 The Apostle Paul advised that the minds of every believer be filled with things that are true, noble, just, holy, sweet, pleasant to be heard virtuous (good) and all that is praiseworthy. To have positive thoughts there is no other way but to obey the word of God. This is what the Apostle Paul did:  “We capture all thoughts and submit them to Christ,”  (2 Christ 10: 5b). Conquering the mind to Christ means we fill our minds with God’s word every day. With the word of God we are led to always think positively. That means the right and positive thoughts are capital for God to express His love and power in our lives. Therefore  “In your life together, put thoughts and feelings that are also found in Christ Jesus,”   (Philippians 2: 5).

 How about you? Are our days still filled with negative thoughts? Worried, afraid, worried, hopeless and so on? Take it all off! Don’t let Satan colonize and destroy our lives by spreading negative things in our minds. We must be able to fight it! Bring all the burden of problems to God! The key is in our own minds, not in the hands of others. It is written:  “For as a person makes calculations in himself, so is he.”  (Proverbs 23: 7a). Let us learn to be grateful for all the blessings that God has in us, that will free us from the burdens of life that are the source of our worries and fears.

With positive thinking we are activating our faith at work, which is at the right time will definitely happen and come true!


Read:  Ecclesiastes 11: 9-10 , 12: 1-8

“Remember your Creator in your youth, before the unfortunate days and approaching the years you say: ‘ There is no pleasure for me in it! ‘”   Ecclesiastes 12: 1

Human life does not only take place in this world, but there is new life after death. So human life has two stages: living temporarily in the world and living in eternity in the hereafter, as the Apostle Paul said,  “… if our camps on earth were demolished, God has provided us with a place of residence in heaven, an eternal dwelling place, which was not made by human hands. ”  (2 Corinthians 5: 1).

 It is a big mistake if people say that life is only one time, this time on earth. In Isaiah 22:13 it says: ” But look, in their midst there is joy and joy, slaughtering oxen and slaughtering sheep, eating meat and drinking wine, shouting: ‘Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!'” . An ignorant rich man also said to himself,  “My soul, you have many things, buried for years; rest, eat, drink and have fun.”  (Luke 12:19). This rich person forgets that life in this world is only for a short time. If life is only limited to the grave, why are we tired of serving God, persevering in worship and maintaining faith in Christ? The Preacher reminded us, while still young (in other words: while there is still a chance) let us use the time available to pursue things that lead to eternity.

Let the time that we pass is an opportunity for God to anoint us and use us as an instrument of His glory. Especially for those of us who are young, youth is a golden time for us to do something for God and others. We know that young age is a vulnerable time for someone because ignorance is inherent in the hearts of young people. written:  “Foolishness adheres to the heart of a young person, but the education stick will drive it from him.” (Proverbs 22:15). Ignorance makes it easy for them to fall into sin. As children of God, don’t waste your youth!

Your potential is the most expensive treasure. Offer it to God as an instrument of His righteousness so that your youth becomes an example to many people and God’s name is glorified!


Read:  Jonah 2: 1-10

“And I say, having driven me away from before your eyes. Could I look again at your holy temple?”  Jonah 2: 4

When we are in a valley of darkness, trials or severe problems, we often ask God, “Why did God do this? Lord, why have you forsaken me?” Know that sometimes God allows us to enter into a situation that seems hopeless, with the aim of testing our loyalty and faith. Therefore we cannot give up and despair.

  While in the belly of the fish, Jonah continued to direct his faith in God by saying,  “When my soul is weary in me, I think of God, and my prayer comes to You, into Your holy temple.” (Jonah 2: 7). We should never run for help or rely on humans because we will surely be disappointed and the Bible is against that too. It reads: ” Cursed be he who relies on man, who relies on his own strength, and whose heart is far from God!” (Jeremiah 17: 5). Run to God, cry out to Him until the door to heaven opens.

 Stop grumbling and complaining otherwise stay calm and give thanks to God, because  “A calm heart refreshes the body,” (Proverbs 14: 30a) and therein lies our strength (read Isaiah 30:15). Jonah had no human hope for life, but he could still say,  “But I, with gratitude, I will offer sacrifices to you; what I will pay for will be salvation. Salvation is from God!” (Jonah 2: 9).

By giving thanks, the extinguished spirit can rise again and weak faith can be strengthened. Remember! God’s power cannot work if our faith goes out. Even if people say it is impossible, your illness will not heal, your household will be destroyed, there is always hope and a way out in God. Nothing is impossible for God! No matter how big our problems Lord Jesus is the answer! As God was able to remove Jonah from the belly of the fish as written:  “Then the Lord said to the fish, and the fish spewed Jonah ashore.”   (Jonah 2:10), He is also able to help us.

“Yes, I want to make a road in the desert and rivers in the wilderness.” Isaiah 43: 19b


Read:  Mark 16: 1-8

“But now go, say to His disciples and Peter: He goes before you to Galilee; there you will see Him, like what He has told you. ” Mark 16: 7

Speaking of tomorrow, no one knows. That is why we all without exception sometimes feel anxious, afraid and worried because indeed tomorrow is beyond our reach. Therefore Solomon advised,  “Do not praise yourself for tomorrow, because you do not know what will happen that day.”(Proverbs 27: 1). However, as children of God that should not have happened if we believed that God was there (in heaven). He has preceded us in the life journey that we will go through.

  From the reading of God’s word today, in the story of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus angels conveyed the message to the women who brought spices to the tomb to tell His disciples that Jesus had risen and had gone before them to Galilee. This shows that God has preceded us before, tomorrow is in the hands of His hands. In Revelation 1: 8 it says:  “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the word of the Lord God, existing and future, the Almighty.”Because God has preceded us, He knows which way we should go. He will lead our lives to His plan and all of that will not bring danger to us. God has not only preceded us but He will also be with us as He said, “And know, I am with you always to the end of time.” (Matthew 28: 20b). So there is no reason for us to be worried, afraid, hopeless, lost hope and disappointed if we believe that God has preceded us, be with us and be among us.

 Therefore, rely on God in all things because He is the holder of control of our lives. All of this must spur us to be more loyal and have more faith in Him. In all things rely on God because He is the one in control of our lives.

The world may shake and people of the world may say that tomorrow is hopeless, but for God’s children the future is there and our hope will never be lost because He holds our tomorrow!

GOD: Absolute Being a Doer of the Word! DAY 30

Read:  2 Corinthians 4: 1-15

“If the gospel we preach is still closed, then it is closed to those who will perish,”  2 Corinthians 4: 3

A servant of God , ministers or evangelists have tasks and responsibilities that are not easy, can be said to be heavy. Being a servant of God or servants of God must not live as we please so that our lives do not become a reproach or a stumbling block for many people. In James 3: 1 it says:  “Brothers and sisters, let not many of you want to be teachers; for we know that as teachers we will be judged by a heavier measure.”

   Carrying out duties as an evangelist turns out to have uneasy consequences. But if we are chosen by God to be His servants it is an extraordinary gift. Therefore we who are now called servants of God or evangelists must have a life that is in harmony with God’s word. Our lives must not deviate from the truth of God’s word. Moreover, the word of God that is preached should not get out of the way of truth. If the words conveyed deviate from Bible truth, we must take responsibility before God. At the end of this age many people twist the word of God for their own benefit or benefit. There are still many servants of God who dare to preach the word of God but he himself is not yet fully a doer of the word, still doing sinful acts in secret. Be careful! Because  “… all things are naked and open before his eyes,”  (Hebrews 4:13).

  As servants of God we should study as the Apostle Paul did.  “But we reject all shameful hidden actions; we do not act cunningly and do not falsify the word of God. Instead we declare the truth and thus we submit ourselves for consideration by everyone before God.”   (2 Corinthians 4: 2). The life of God’s servants must be like an open letter and read by everyone!

So, if we have done everything according to God’s word, but the gospel that we preach is rejected by people, this is not our concern anymore!


Read:  Philippians 4: 10-20

“My God will fulfill all your needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus.”   Philippians 4:19

Every day everyone is without exception confused by the necessities of daily life. Especially now that all the prices of basic necessities are not cheap, everything is getting more and more expensive. Well … as long as life in this world fulfills the necessities of life, be it food, drink, clothing, shelter and so on, are things that cannot be separated. That is why everyone works so hard to be able to meet their every need.

 What is being pursued? There is no other word, besides MONEY. Everyone must think that if you have enough money or even excess, everything will be OK, life can be calm and happiness can be felt. Is it true? The reality is not so, we still feel less and are never satisfied as Solomon says,  “Who loves money will not be satisfied with money, and who loves wealth will never be satisfied with his income.” (Ecclesiastes 5: 9a). As a result our minds are filled with worries every day; worry about needs, worry about school fees for children and others.

The Bible advises, ” Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow has its own difficulties. A day’s trouble is enough for a day.  (Matthew 6:34). There is also the meaning of the word ‘worry’ itself is fear, anxiety, anxiety about something that has not been known with certainty. To get out of the worries God teaches us to prioritize spiritual matters first. The Lord said,  “But first seek the kingdom of God and its truths, then they will be added to you.”   (Matthew 6:33).

 Have we put God first in this life? The Lord Jesus has redeemed our lives with His precious blood so we can be saved. Isn’t our heart tapped to return His love? Now, to seek the kingdom of God and its truth, there is no other way but to seek God’s presence every day; faithfully meditate on His word and do it; faithfully worship and serve God.

When we put God above all else, He will provide everything we need because He is Jehovah Jireh!

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