My life feels charged with meaning everyday after I’ve committed myself fully to Jesus

I recently started going to church in March, but did not take it very seriously until two weeks ago. Something just seemed to click with me, where I thought to myself, “If Jesus died for me and my sins, why can’t I at least commit some of my time to him?”

Since then, I’ve spent almost every minute of my free time reading the Bible, thinking about reading the Bible, praying with the help of the Holy Spirit, and gathering in genuine fellowship with the people of my Church.

Despite claiming I’ve gone through most of the Bible, I wasn’t studying each one line by line and reading several commentaries after every chapter. Rather, I simply went through Bible Project’s short videos, then patted myself on the back for knowing the general themes and called it a day.

The Gospel of Luke had always intrigued me, so I decided to start there. What an incredibly dense and rich book. I could definitely see myself studying all of its words for years of my life. Christianity has reinvigorated me in a strange way, where despite waking up tired, I always find energy to always put on a smile take on the world with love. God is great!

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