My(14) atheist brother(18) is scared because I’ve become interested in refuting Islam. How do I convince him that I’m not gonna join the EDL or something?

I’ve gotten quite bored of refuting atheism so I decided to start refuting Islam. So I I told my brother about the unreliability of the Qur’an and all that and he just told me how he didn’t want me to try and disprove Islam. I mean, I kind of get it, lots of Pakistani immigrants came to where we live in the 70s resulting in 70% of my school being Pakistani but it’s not like I’m going to actually go up to my Muslim friends and say all the objections to Islam to them. I think he thinks I’m gonna be like one of those football hooligans iin the EDL who say “We want those P*kis out of Britain now! Vote Boris!!!”. So I do I convince him that I’m not gonna do that?

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