The Mark of the Beast, again

The Book of Revelation is highly symbolic. Its likely the “Mark of the Beast” from Revelation 13 represents obedience to powers or gods other than Christ. The fact that it’s on the right hand or forehead would be immediately recognizable to those familiar with Scripture where Israel is told concerning God’s commandments: “Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.” (Deut 8:6). Considering that Rev 13 is about people worshiping the Beast this makes perfect sense and should really end all pointless speculation.

Yeah, it’s not as spectacular as thinking evil governments are going to trick you into getting a transponder in your hand to buy your McNuggets or pay your Netflix bill, but it is what it is. Want to avoid the Mark of the Beast? Don’t worship the devil or his representatives. Easy.

If someone takes the Book of Revelation more literally, consider what Revelation actually says the Mark of the Beast is:

  1. It’s a mark. The Greek word used is “charagma” which means an “etching” or a “stamp”. It’s a thing you can see.

  2. This etching or stamp is on the tight hand or forehead and since it’s a charagma it can bee seen on the right hand or forehead.

  3. It’s the name of the Beast or the number of his name (666).

All of this means the following things are NOT the Mark of the Beast.

Vaccines, especially a future Covid-19 vaccine. A vaccine isn’t an engraving of the name or the number of the beast, and no one gets vaccines on their right hands or foreheads.

Masks. A mask is not an engraving of the name or the number that is placed on someone’s right had or forehead. Also, if you’re wearing a mask on your hand or forehead you’re doing it wrong, dummy.

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