Upset at Protestanism and Sola Scriptura

I was raised around Protestants who told me that the Catholic church is based on stuff not in the bible. I diligently spent the last 2 years cross checking all my Catholic beliefs against the bible as well as the beliefs of 3-8 different denominations including non denominations and it was a nightmare. I hope to hear some opinions that this is not what the reformers were about.

  1. the bible seemed so dead clear that sexual immorality is not tolerated. However the many women that i went out with who deemed the catholic church as corrupted actually suggested immoral behavior, some using the bible to defend their views. It seems like the bible only movement has caused some serious damage to the chastity and sexuality of Christians . “Well, since it aint in the bible , its grey ! And the spirit of God is in our hearts to guide us! We will just plead the blood of Christ and all is fine!” I was even condemned to hell for discerning sexual misconduct, that i was eating from the tree of knowledge and not the tree of life, all because i spoke highly of abstinence and chastity.

  2. the bible literalists are so prone to being hate groups, but they delegate the violence and killing of homosexuals to the government, not wanting to get their hands dirty. Killing gays pleasing to God?!? Isnt that breaking the commandments ?

  3. i met someone from Church Of Christ who wanted to do a bible study with me and it was almost bible idolatry . Worshipping the bible as God, it was disturbing. Quoting heaps and heaps of scripture to exalt the bible which is great , but it went to the extent that God will judge us based on how well we know scripture, bible scholars must be granted a free pass to heaven i see.

  4. the biggest deal breaker for me was seeing non catholics argue with non catholics over scripture. I thought the protestants would be united as one under the doctrine of sola scriptura like a family. But it ends the same way in a zero sum game, when one lifts a verse to support the abundant life gospel and another lifts another to counter it.

  5. religious imagery is considered idolatry and several of the christian homes i visited fill the space with secular things and images. In ancient times there was a king ( think Leo ) would thought the same way about the church and replaced iconography with images of wildlife and weapons. Isnt this a recline into paganism ? God could not be depicted because he was never seen, the incarnation changed the world. I wonder if it would be considered idolatry if photography was invented in the times of Jesus and we had pictures of him in our homea today.

  6. sola scriptura makes christianity a non historical idealisation . A projection of how we want God and Christianity to be . If the bible is all we need , why do we need commentaries and all these pastors to given expositions of them when we have the holy spirit to teach us all things?

  7. if the apostles were bible only believers, they couldnt have preached completely because there was no printing .

  8. tim 3:15

  9. the fear of death overpowers Christ’s promise. The mystical body of Christ as the head of the body diminished my doubts and fears. That dead or alive , we are in one spirit a d death is no barrier, hence the intercession and aliveness of the saints. All these in comparison to the after life experience as God storage.

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