What if I sinned so big there is no way to make restitution?

I had this affair with my female boss that just caused a ton of drama for a lot of people.

-In the beginning, I justified the snowball by saying my wife sexted another and my female boss’ baby daddy is abusive so why not.

-In the end, I justified the avalanche of drama by saying we love each other so why not.

-In the fallout, my wife is here forgiving me and I’ve been transferred to another store and I don’t have contact with the female boss or we will both get fired.

There are so many ripples to this I would never no where or how to patch this up (her kids?) I don’t even know if I can ever grasp the gravity of it because I did this out of love(?) I thought. Yet my pursuit of love has hurt me, my wife, the other woman, her partner, her kids, everyone’s loved ones and the area management at work yet I didn’t physically harm anyone.

Can God even forgive me for this when it can’t be undone or even completely understood how much devastation I did?

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