Which version of the Bible should I read?

Hello (:

The KJV is the most accurate translation of the modern Bibles, but is a little difficult to read at first. The NIV would be a good start, some passages have been removed and there are some translation issues that can slightly change the meaning of some verses, but not enough to distort the message of our Lord (:

Start reading at Matthew, go through the New Testament and then go back to the Old Testament afterwards, maybe watch a youtube overview of the old testament for some context maybe, but it’ll make so much more sense to you after reading the New Testament, it did for me anyway.

God Bless you! I’ll pray that you receive guidance in your study (:

P.S If you reallly have to, you could even skip the other 3 gospels for now and just crack on through the New Testament, but make sure you go back! The perspectives of Mark, Luke and John are invaluable! (:

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